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In order to provide our clients with the best options, we implement Efficient and Sustainable Technologies in our designs. We are perpetual students and continuously add to our knowledge and experience with innovative design and materials.

Some of the areas we review in order to increase building or system efficiencies include:

  • Reducing Capacity Requirements
  • Gray Water and Storm Water Recycling
  • Improved Component Efficiency
  • Waste Heat Recycling to include Steam, Water, and Air
  • Improved Control & Coordination of Components
  • Offsetting System Energy with Renewable Energy

We are proud to have implemented many sustainable system elements throughout Greenville and the Southeast, some of which are:

  • Variable Refrigerant Volume with Energy Recovery Heat Pumps
  • District Heating and Cooling
  • Air and Water Economizer Systems
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Variable Flow and Variable Volume Air and Water Systems

As systems and mechanics continue to improve, we will stay at the forefront of developing technologies, especially as they become more available. Some of these newer approaches include improved building automation, Performance-Based Engineering, utilization of variable speed/frequency drives to achieve higher efficiencies at part-load conditions and more.